Up & Over Garage Doors

Steel Garage Doors

Traditionally the most popular type of garage door, strong, durable and available in a wide range of colours. Irrespective of the colour, all steel doors are primed with a high-grade powder coating. The galvanized door leaves are protected against corrosion and the adverse effects of the environment right into the cut edges.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Garage Doors

Each door is individually hand crafted from the mould with smooth high gloss doors or timber effect finishes. Fibreglass means the lowest maintenance possible, just a simple wash once in a while will maintain its attractive appearance. A high quality construction is achieved by using the finest gelcoats and fibreglass matting and incorporating inbuilt timber and steel reinforcement.

Timber Garage Doors

Hand crafted and come in a range of styles made with the beauty of natural timber encased in a steel chassis and bracing for superb strength. Enjoy the luxury of wood without harming the environment.
Lifting Gear

Up & Over doors are available in Retractable & Canopy type lifting gear.

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