Automatic Garage Doors

All the garage doors we supply can be electrically and remote operated. Both the Hormann range and the Aluroll doors carry five year guarantees on the motors.
Below we have some information on some of the systems we supply.


You will feel it the first time you drive after dark or in nasty weather into your garage without having to get out and open the door: The decision for more convenience and safety was exactly right. Experience this and many other advantages, such as the automatic door latching only offered by Hörmann.

Uninvited guests barely stand a chance with Hörmann’s automatic sectional doors. Once the garage door has been closed, the door security kit automatically engages in the guide boom’s stop, locking it immediately and making the door burglar-resistant. This door latching functions purely mechanically and, in contrast to competitor operators, continues to secure the door even when the power fails.


All Aluroll doors are powered by market leading motor technology and fitted with an internal manual override as standard to be utilised in the event of power failure.

Simply press the button and the Aluroll door glides open. The remote control utilises a rolling encrypted code to ensure a unique signal. Operational from up to 50m, you will never again have to struggle with heavy doors. The control panel has a built in courtesy light and push button controls to complete the remote key fobs. There are a variety of product options and accessories to chose from and we can advise on the best solution for you.


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Automatic Garage Doors